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Why You Should Go To Melbourne

Sitting in the top spot of EIU’s list of the most liveable cities since 2011, Melbourne is truly one of the most loved cities in the world. As I spent 10 months living there during 2014-2015 and a few more months in 2018-2019, it will always be one of my favourite places and will remain in my heart forever. Unlike the bustling city of Sydney, Melbourne has a far more relaxed mood similar to some smaller European cities. Here are my five reasons why Melbourne is simply amazing.


For a large-ish city, Melbourne can sometimes have a very town-like feel to it. If something happens on one side of the central business district, the news will have already travelled to the other. I had the pleasure of living in the city for 10 months and could really get to know the local bars and hangout spots, and therefore, make a lot of good friends. Melbourne is a calm and friendly city where tourists are welcomed by the locals and can be shown a really good time.


Melbourne, in my opinion, is by far the best city in the world for sport. Cricket and soccer dominate the city on the sunny days with the Australian Open and Australian Grand Prix signalling the end of the summer sport season. Heading into winter there is still an abundance of sport to watch from rugby union, rugby league and Australian Rules football. The much loved Melbourne cup is essentially the last event of spring.


In most cities, alleyways are the darkest and most foul places to have to walk down, but not in Melbourne. Due to the unique layout of the central business district, there are now hundreds of alleyways open to locals and tourists, offering all sorts of delights. Delis, coffee shops, bars, hairdressers, tattoo parlours... the list of businesses open in the alleyways is endless. Pop down to one of the alleys for a morning coffee or an after work beer and the atmosphere will amaze you.


Melbourne has appointed itself the capital of cuisine in Australia and it had good reason to do so. Having worked in a restaurant in the inner suburb of Toorak for 10 months, I have first hand experience of how amazing some of the food can be. There is a real competition between restaurants to deliver the very best food and Melbournites are very eager to go out and explore this culinary heaven. On top of this, Melbourne is one of the coffee capitals of the world and has plenty of coffee shops to allow you to try out a few different blends in whatever style you desire.

Day Trips

Every city has somewhere to visit for a day out of the hustle and bustle of urban life, but none with quite so many or as varied as Melbourne. If it is beaches you want then head on down to Brighton, Sorrento, Lorne or even Apollo Bay, Dandenong Mountain for a small trek, the Grampians or Yarra Ranges for a longer one and the Great Ocean Road for some coastal beauty.

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