• Jonathan Bastow

Why Interrail Is Perfect For First Time Travellers

Interrailing around Western Europe was my first travelling experience and I have encouraged many other prospective travellers to use it for their first experience too. But why is a train trip around Europe suitable for a first time traveller?

The first and main advantage with Interrail is the way the trains and ticket work. There are two types of ticket available, unlimited travel in a specific amount of time or limited travel days in an allowed time. With the former option, you are free to travel on as many trains as you want, and as far as you want too. This means that if you need to return home or need to get to another city, you can do it for free without worrying about buying tickets or flights. Option two requires you to be a little more prepared, but there is still a sense of freedom.

Interrail can mean you explore more than you originally planned on doing. Instead of booking a standard holiday away, Interrail makes you want to experience more. As well as still being able to relax and watch the beautiful European scenery whilst travelling by train, your ticket is completely flexible to travel where you want.

Interrail is only in Europe, which for me and other Europeans means you are not too far from home. If something goes wrong and you can't/don't want to carry on, you can return home quite easily and cheaply. A friend or family member could easily come to your rescue as well. Or just meet you for a brief getaway.

Europe does however have a small language barrier. No other country in Europe speaks English as a first language which makes talking a bit more difficult than travelling to the US or Australia. But unlike travelling to more remote parts of the world, most people in the major European cities can speak pretty good English. Although it is handy to try to learn some of the language, you should be able to get by perfectly with just English.

And last but not least, Interrail is completely affordable. With flights only costing as little as £20 to a near European city and the train ticket ranging from £226 to £830 (for unlimited travel for a whopping 3 months!!), Interrail allows a cheap trip around Europe.

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