• Jonathan Bastow

Tips On Organising A Trip

Booking a trip usually requires a high level of organisation and method, and I almost always follow a familiar routine.

To start, I decide where I want to go, whether they are cities within a single country or spread across an entire continent. I select places I’d like to visit and research the difficulty of traveling from one to another. From here I can add in a few extra places in between or plan to visit another city from one I’ve already agreed on. I list my final locations and move on.

To organise dates to stay at each place, I first get a rough idea of flights. I see if the whole trip is viable and ensure I am able to get there and back from a nearby airport. I search to see if there are any specific dates I’d like to be in each place for (concerts/sports events) and then decide on an amount of time for each city and the trip as a whole. I usually go ahead and book a return flight from the UK and begin to plan travel between each city.

By this stage, I have a plan with dates and now flights to take me from one place to another. It is now that I book some accommodation and use the ever trusty Hostelworld. I book a hostel which scores high from its reviews, yet isn’t overly expensive compared to similar hostels. It must be central, secure and look tidy. I do like a hostel which offers things to do such as trips or parties, but it doesn’t affect my decision too much. I usually go for the cheapest rooms, unless a smaller room isn’t too much more. A dorm always offers companionship!

With all the planning sorted, now comes the best part. I spend the time leading up to the trip reading guide books and websites to find fascinating things to do. Most I will already have an idea of but there is no harm in finding an interesting place off the beaten track or a cafe specialising in local cuisine. As a fan of cooking and especially eating, I like to search for local dishes that appeal to me and search for where I can go to try them.

I always keep all my flight information, Hostelworld bookings and insurance/Visas in an A4 display case. This means all the documents I need are handy and I can refer to stuff as often as I'd like. I NEVER keep my passport in it though.

After sorting out some money, charging for electrical equipment and packing, I am ready to go off on a new journey.

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