• Jonathan Bastow

The Best Dishes Of Thailand

Thai Green Curry

Thai green curry, often one of the milder curries available in Thailand, is made using green curry paste, coconut milk, green chillies, thai eggplant, sweet basil and usually a meat such as chicken.


Pad Thai

Found extensively around Thailand, Pad Thai is the most well-known dish found in South East Asia. The dish is made with flat rice noodles cooked in egg with additions such as green beans, chilli, spring onions and a selection of meat. Lime and crushed peanuts accompany the dish and is enjoyably filling despite its small serving.

Tom Yam

If lemongrass and ginger are not the desire of your palette then you should probably avoid Tom Yam. With a supporting cast of kaffir lime leaves, basil, galangal, chilli and garlic providing fragrant flavour; chicken, mushroom and a selection of local vegetables are routinely used as the edibles in the broth. This soup is often served with a side of rice to be spooned onto and the distinct hot and sour flavour of Tom Yam can be well complimented by a cold beer.

Massaman Curry

Chunks of chicken, potato and onion float about in this delightfully light curry with strong hints of coconut and chilli in the broth. Tastes of fish sauce, tamarind and cinnamon can still edge through but it is a far less fragrant curry than its green cousin.

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