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How To Travel During Isolation

Like many others who spend their evenings trawling through travel blogs, Sky scanner, Google maps and Hostel world, I am finding the Coronavirus pandemic an absolute nightmare. Before I get into the main part of the article there are a few things I’d like to mention.

Firstly, in no way am I saying I am in a bad position. It is only a slight setback, and even that sounds too serious, that I and many others can’t travel. It is merely a loss of a hobby and people’s lives and health are far more important to me than a hobby.

Secondly as you will discover further down this blog, I am not encouraging or endorsing any travel at this current time. This post is simply a way to keep the wanderlust at bay whilst humanity goes through this difficult time.

Right, so here we go…

Sort through old travel pictures

That’s right, it may sound tedious but sorting all your travel photos into individual folders (and the correct ones!) can help bring back some glorious travel memories. Even if you are making slow progress because you keep stopping to look at various ones, sorting them out will make it easier in the future to find anything specific. It may also help inspire number 2…

Make that dish you tried abroad

Whether it was the exciting Panak Paneer you had in India, the gorgeous chicken fajitas in Mexico or the simple chicken parma in Australia, recreating your favourite foreign dishes will help the memories come flooding back and inspire you to travel once you’re available to again

Organise your travel souvenirs

I don’t know about anyone else but I absolutely hoard everything I collect whilst abroad. The most useful things are the maps, most with annotations by myself or someone else. The more dubious things would include the train tickets and the receipt you have from that one café in Vienna. Sort and bun these whilst you have the chance, or make a scrapbook of everything that means something to you

Write about a journey you’ve taken

What better way to spend endless weeks in isolation than to relive that last major trip you took and write down everything you can remember. Details and memories are often lost, but if they are written down….

List places you’d like to go

Probably not the most fun thing to do right now, but how about writing down all the places you’d like to go when everything is back to normal? I’ve already started my list for November 2020 (hopefully!!) which only includes a casual 8 countries.

Find friends

Not new ones obviously, but rekindled the friendships you had whilst travelling, whether it be the group tour friends you made, the people you shared a room with or the Germans you shared that lift with up the East coast. They are probably just as bored as you, so why not give them a message.

Buy/sell your travel gear

I’ve been sorting through my travel gear whilst I’m stuck in my house. For reasons unknown I’ve amassed a collection of one 100L backpack, one 65L backpack, a 50L, 40L and four 25-30L daypacks. EBay here I come!

Plan packing lists for places in the future

Again this might seem odd with nothing planned, but why don’t you write packing lists for various holidays you might do soon. I’ve written two out, one for if I go on a beach/scuba diving trip and one for if I go on another city break. It doesn’t kill to be prepared...

Use social media to inspire others

Almost everybody loves to go on holiday and it is something which we think about all year round. Why not speak to somebody who is interested in finding somewhere to travel to or post a few pictures you’ve taken. You never know who you’re going to inspire.

Remember what home is like

Lastly, look after yourself. Remember what it was like to wake up at home and not on the road, to eat in your own kitchen rather than in a hostel or on the street and reconnect with the life you maintain at home. See (or at least be near) your parents, grandparents, siblings, nieces and nephews.

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