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Five Reasons Why I Did USA In The Winter (2013 Post)

I'd been wanting to see the United States for a very long time and had originally planned a trip for Summer 2013, but after surgery I couldn't make it. So instead I opted for a Winter trip rather than wait until the following Summer, but what are the reasons behind this...

1. It's Cheaper

There is no denying the fact that prices for tourists go up in Summer, when the schools are out and the weather is gorgeous. Accommodation, flights and events all rapidly drop in cost after September is through and usually a little bit more in November. The flights I took were also reduced by 25% from November to March, saving enough for 3 extra USA days!

2. Baseballs Out But Footballs In

I would have loved, and I mean loved, to watch baseball in the summer sun with a Budweiser and a hot dog, a true New York way to enjoy baseball. But the excitement of watching basketball or American football is just as big, even if it's in a bar rather than from the bleachers. The game is bigger, faster and more exciting. This also includes America's new love of Premier league football, showing games at roughly 8am. Since this trip, I have managed to visit New York in the summer months and watch baseball anyway.

3. Thanksgiving

Although Summer does have July 4th and New York has amazing firework displays on the Hudson river, Winter brings the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. When America do something, they do it big and Macy's parade is no exception. Large floats glide across the streets and avenues of New York passed hundreds of thousands of spectators. Thanksgiving also comes with lots of food and football on TV! Rockefeller's also erect their Christmas tree within a week of this event.

4. Fairy Tale New York

No one in the world can surely think that New York in Winter isn't a beautiful sight, from Rockefeller's large Christmas tree to ice skating in Central Park. Even if it is a bit too cold outside, just step into one of the hundreds of coffee shops in Manhattan and enjoy the sights from a sofa with a cinnamon latte. And just picture Central Park with it's large grass fields, lakes, grandstands and trees.....and now cover the whole thing with snow and an icy mist. Doesn't it look even better?

5. Evergreen Los Angeles

Unlike New York, which gets pretty cold in Winter, Los Angeles doesn't really vary very much in November compared to Summer. And before anyone says it's actually cold and like 11 degrees, let me remind you that I'm Welsh and our summers aren't really much warmer than that! I would have liked to sit on the beach at 10pm watching the sunset but without the intense heat, I found LA a little easier to cope with.

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